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Premature Ejaculation


Finding the Right Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a tricky term for a number of reasons. There is no gold standard for judging if an ejaculation is premature or not; it all depends on whether you and your partner find sex enjoyable or not. If you feel that this issue is affecting your life, you’ll find that you are quickly on the hunt to stop premature ejaculation.

When it comes to curing premature ejaculation, you must first think about the causes. For example, do you ejaculate too quickly because you are oversensitive? If you are oversensitive, you will be brought to the point of orgasm a lot more quickly than someone who is not! You may also be over-excited, either due to anticipation for the event or lack of experience.

Once you have learned more about what has caused your premature ejaculation, you can start to experiment with premature ejaculation treatments. The right remedy for premature ejaculation is something that is different for everyone; you have to think about who you are and what you are like.

For example, some men do very well when they masturbate up to an hour before sexual intercourse. This can both reduce sensitivity, and it can also help them stay calm when the time comes, as they are no longer so urgent. Some people find that pulling back when they feel that they are getting ready to orgasm and pinching the head of their penis between thumb and forefinger can help a great deal.

Still other people use the start and stop method, where just when the affected partner feels as if they need to orgasm, sexual play stops. It continues when he is more in control. Not only can this prolong the sex act, it can also be quite enjoyable for both partners.

Remember that if you are dealing with premature ejaculation that you should talk with your partner. If one of you is having an issue in bed, you are definitely both have a problem! Make sure that you keep the lines of communication clear and open, and you will find that conquering this problem can make a huge difference in your relationship.

If you are dealing with premature ejaculation, you may be dealing with feelings of doubt and guilt. However, it is important to take control of your problem, rather than allowing it to control you. Meet this problem head on and figure out what it means for you.