Pregnancy With Multiples


Your Health and Pregnancy with Multiples

You thought you were pregnant one with one baby, but after your recent trip to the doctor, you found out that you’re expecting multiples. Whether you’re getting your hope ready for twins, triplets or more, you should talk to the doctor about unique circumstances that can affect your pregnancy and health.

Weight Gain

As you know, you are going to put on weight when you are pregnant with a child, and that number can certainly increase when you are giving birth to multiples. Therefore, you want to work with your doctor to monitor your weight and to ensure that you aren’t putting on excessive pounds. The more weight you put on now, the harder it can be to take off later. You need to let your body go through its natural process, but you should also be careful of out-of-control cravings that can cause problems with your health later on.

Mobility Issues

When you put on more weight, you may have trouble with other complications. For example, the doctor may say that you need to go on bed rest. That is something that can arise with any pregnancy, but you’ll likely find that it is more common with multiples. As a result, you should speak with your boss about what will happen in the event that you need to take more time than expected off from work at the end of your pregnancy. Listening to your doctor’s orders is imperative to your health and that of your babies.

Low Birth Weight and Early Births

Some of the risks with multiples involves low birth weights and early births. When babies are born premature, a number of different issues can accompany them. They may also have low birth weights because of their early birth date or because they are multiples. Therefore, you need to work with your doctor throughout the pregnancy to ensure that your babies are in the right condition. Furthermore, you should speak with your doctor to come up with plans now as to what to do if one of these issues associated with multiples does arise when you deliver.

The joy of expecting more than one baby at the same time is insurmountable, and it is cause for celebration. Still though, you want to make sure that you and your babies are healthy throughout the process, and working with your doctor on a regular basis is the way to accomplish that goal.