Multiple Sclerosis

Living with Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis: A Manageable Lifelong Disease

Although it is a chronic disease, those affected by Multiple Sclerosis are able to carry on long, fulfilling lives. By making the decision to incorporate healthy living in with modern medicine, Multiple Sclerosis can be a manageable disease. Several lifestyle changes can greatly improve the way of live.

An anti-inflammatory diet is a great way to start managing multiple sclerosis. Because MS is an inflammatory condition, eating foods to combat that may help ease relapses. Some anti-inflammatory foods that are found in the everyday kitchen include tomatoes, almonds, walnuts, salmon, strawberries, and spinach. Alternatively, foods that cause inflammation, such as sugar and refined grains, can increase the severity of MS symptoms.

Another great healthy lifestyle change for those affected by MS is to stick to an exercise routine. This is important to try to do no matter what symptoms are being experienced. It may be difficult to run or lift heavy weights, but even a little exercise every day can keep muscles from atrophy. Those living with MS may be affected by the heat, so exercising excessively may be difficult. It is important to understand that heat exhaustion is a signal to stop exercising. This will not affect MS in the long term and the body returns to normal after it comes back to a normal temperature, but heat exhaustion can increase the probability for falls or vertigo.

Stress management is an important part of living with MS. Stress and tension can cause inflammation to get worse, which will make MS symptoms worse. A part of living with MS is finding an outlet for everyday tension. Yoga is a popular choice among people who want to live a stress reduced life. Yoga is also great for MS because it helps keep the muscles strong, while the breathing aspect lets tension melt.

The medical component of treating MS has made a lot of headway in the past few years. Up until recently, living with MS required injections on a regular basis in order to administer medicine. These injections weaken the immune system slightly, which helps stop the body from attacking itself. However, there are now two oral medications available. People who are living with MS can work with their doctors to choose the medicine that best suits their needs and their lifestyle.

MS can be a manageable disease if healthy measures are taken. Between healthy foods, exercise, and relaxation, MS symptoms can be treated along with modern medicine.