Eczema Symptoms

Eczema Symptoms

Recognizing Eczema Signs and Symptoms

Eczema is an unfortunate skin condition millions of people live with. It’s not life-threatening, but it’s certainly irritating. Those who live with it deal with rough, itchy patches on their skin. They sometimes deal with self-esteem issues because of their skin condition, and they find it’s difficult to enjoy the outdoors as extreme temperatures in either direction cause their skin condition to worsen. It’s not particular about where it appears on anyone’s body, and it’s not curable.

Eczema Signs and Symptoms

The number one sign of eczema is a rash that itches and only gets worse over time. These eczema irritation areas occur anywhere on the body, and there is never a way to tell where it might appear on anyone. Even those who live with it all the time are not able to predict where it might appear next on their body, though most people tend to notice it in the same places over and over again.

There are two very major signs of eczema on a person’s body. The first is people who frequently find patches of thick, dry, itchy skin that appears chronic. This means it might go away for a while and then come back, but it never leaves for long and it always stays present more than it doesn’t. If your child has anything that resembles this behind their knees and elbows, it’s probably eczema. These are the two most common locations in children.

Locations on the body where this might occur changes for adults. It might be behind the elbows or knees, on the face, on the neck, the legs, or even on the hands. The other sign this is eczema and not some other rash that might go away with cream is scratching these itchy patches causes them to bleed and crust over if they’re opened. Aside from being disgusting, this is dangerous because it can cause bacteria to get into the bloodstream and cause other infections.

Eczema Treatment

Your doctor is going to do everything in his or her power to help you with this problem, but it’s not curable. The best way to treat eczema is with a great skincare routine and prevention.

  • Wash with a mild soap
  • Use excellent moisturizer immediate after showering as well as a few times throughout the day
  • Take short showers
  • Take only warm showers – too much hot water can cause your skin to worsen
  • Manage your stress to prevent symptoms from worsening
  • Talk to your doctor about stronger prescription medications that might help

The best way to care for this kind of skin condition is with care. If you know spending too much time outdoors when it’s hot and humid causes your eczema to flare, stay inside and don’t expose yourself to this weather. If you know extreme cold is a problem, try to avoid it. Managing your stress, however, is one of the best ways to do this. It helps to keep your life in order so you don’t cause your skin issues to become any worse.

Living with eczema is something many people do. It can develop as a baby or anytime throughout your life, but it’s also possible for some people to see their eczema get better with age. It might begin to show up less frequently, to show up in smaller patches, or even to go away indefinitely. It might be painful and embarrassing, but it’s not a problem you’re living with by yourself. Talk to your doctor about treating your skin condition.