Daily Exercises for Arthritis


Daily Exercises Can Help Prevent Symptoms Arthritis

One of the most common diseases that people develop as they age is arthritis. While not necessarily life-threatening, arthritis can cause pain that convinces people that they may never get to enjoy the things they love again. Fortunately, with careful planning, the symptoms of arthritis can often be reduced enough that people are able to essentially continue living their lives as normal. By following these daily exercises and stretches, you will find that you are able to provide yourself with relief and increased mobility.

The key to the prevention of many of the worst symptoms of arthritis is to perform low impact exercises and stretches that help to relieve pain.

Swimming Pools

Probably the best place for someone with arthritis to exercise is in a swimming pool. Nearly all exercises performed in water are inherently low impact. In swimming pools you can swim laps, perform stretches, walk, and join in aerobics with minimal risk. This will help you both in strengthening muscles and increasing range of motion.


Cycling is another activity that you can really push yourself to varying degrees. Whether you want a tough workout that pushes your limits or just a light stretch, cycling gets your legs moving without much impact at all. The resistance that you get from cycling is great for building muscle and working on range of motion in your legs.


While yoga doesn’t always look tough, once you get into a class with an instructor, you are going to find that it is one of the toughest workouts out there. It is an incredible exercise for increasing your flexibility and range of motion, and it also tones your muscles to the next degree. You will also find great mental benefits in that it is a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to thinking and solving problems. If you want to sweat even more, the new trend is hot yoga.


Probably the most simple exercise out there, walking is great for anyone who doesn’t have too much pain. For those with a little bit more pain, you can stick to walking flat ground, while others who want to push themselves a bit more can get out there on more hilly terrain. You can even walk with weights if you are feeling up to it.

No matter your degree of arthritis, there is something out there for everyone. The key is to never give up.