Arthritis Treatment


So Many Ways To Drive Away Pain

As we age, managing pain becomes a full-time job. The most likely cause of this pain is arthritis. Aching joints restrict some of our favorite activities such as gardening and exercising, not to mention simple day-to-day tasks like climbing a step stool or reaching an item on a high shelf at the grocery.

Arthritis treatment has come a long way in just a few short years. Arthritis pain relief used to mean reaching for a bottle of aspirin; now there are so many more ways to deal with it.

Long thought to be a contributor to arthritis pain, exercise has shown to actually decrease the suffering. Exercise doesn’t mean a five mile run nor a 45 minute kick boxing class. A 30 minute walk around the neighborhood every day is great for achy joints. Ride a bike, swim,-any movement at all will help with arthritis.

When it comes down to it, we can all improve ourselves physically with a better diet. For those with arthritis, a diet rich in oily fish, such as salmon, as well as vegetables and fruits like yams, cabbage, chili peppers (more on these little devils later), cherries, and pineapple will do wonders in lubricating those stiff joints. If you’re into healing herbs, try Sea Cucumber, Boswellia, and Mussel Extract. These three have shown the most promise for relieving pain.

Most arthritis pain sufferers would do anything for relief. Investing in a massage therapist maybe once a week helps immensely. A full-body, deep-tissue massage is not necessary. Have the therapist focus just on that bad knee or shoulder to get the most out of the massage. Follow your visit up with a nice, hot bath.

Many people will, however, find that medication offers the greatest pain relief. Over-the-counter medications will relieve the pain of arthritis. One natural medication that is generating great reviews are chili peppers. Capsaicin, the ingredient that gives chilis their heat, has been found to greatly reduce arthritis pain. As a supplement, it can be taken in pill form with varying degrees of hotness. Try different levels and find one that you can tolerate. There are also topical creams that can be used daily-just make sure you wash your hands very well after applying.

Managing arthritis pain doesn’t always mean aspirin. Diet, exercise, and therapy will make you feel so much better and allow you to complete those simple, everyday tasks.